So what does it take to make a play? If we strip away all the lines and words, the song and dance, the beautiful costumes and the elaborate set design, what’s left? Just a couple actors on a stage wondering what to do. Not simply actors on a stage, but humans. Humans exploring the notion of risk taking, by doing things they’ve never done or seen on a stage before.

Created with a very limited amount of rehearsal time, Balls is a testament to the creative context of contemporary theatre. Through a collage of scenes, the play creates an impressionistic view of what it is to take risks. And, when it comes to theatre, the ultimate risk is always taken by the audience member when he decides to purchase a ticket for a show.


23 > 24 mai 2015
Up in the Air Festival
Vancouver (BC)

Balls is an experiment in the experience of risk. It is a deeply uncomfortable, yet fascinating experience, that you won’t soon forget.
— Vancouver Presents

Une production de 2par4 et de Stages Theatre Co
Concept et mise en scène : Cory Haas et Gilles Poulin-Denis
Avec Tiffany Anderson, Cory Haas, Chris Lam, Julian Legere, Caitlin Macfarlane, Andrew Wade, Cathy Wilmot
Régie et direction technique : Jennifer Stewart